About Drionizer

Built with over 15 years of technological expertise, drionizer offers a wide range of advance RO & UV water purifiers to deliver 100% safe & healthy drinking water, to every Indian household. With its best-in-class purification technology, it enriches water with nutrients inspired by nature and modern science.

Drionizer India is managed by Medilight private Limited who is the leader in Hydrogen rich alkaline water ionizers space.

Medilight private Limited is a core group imbibed with a commitment to excel in health & medical equipment space having a gritty passion that believes in fostering the business through Innovation and Technology. Based in Hyderabad and spinning more than 25+ delightful center’s across India, Backed up by several years of industry expertise par excellence, our network of teams is comprised of a privileged set of highly motivated specialists whose relentless strive in this domain has made Medilight stand out as a leader in Hydrogen rich alkaline water ionizers space with a motivation to provide enhanced and customized products to prosper Relationships having a sense of Profitability.

Drionizer ionizers, the world’s most advanced water ionizers with all certifications like GMP, KFDA & ISO 13485 which are available in more than 32 counties.

We are present in all major states within India.

Currently we are serving with 25+ delightful center’s across India to deliver the Drionizer world class ionizer’s sales & after sales service to customer doorstep.

We are proud to mention that we are the only company in Ionizer industry to provide after sales service at customer’s doorstep.