Is the majority of the human body Water?

You may not be aware of this fact, but the human body is made up of water. A normal human body contains up to 60 % of water. So you can’t survive without water on this earth.

Now a question may arrive in your mind how our body contains this water? The answer is cells contain this water, or we can put it as cells need water to live.

So as we hinted before, most body parts are made up of water, and 90% of the body weight is water.

So here’s the % of water our body parts contain

  • Brain and heart -  73%
  • Lungs  – 83%
  • Skin – 64%
  • Muscles and kidneys – 79%
  • Bones – 31%

So considering this fact, every human need to consume a certain amount of water. You should drink water according to your age, gender and place.

Moreover, if you want healthy water intake, consider ionizer water, scientifically proven healthy water.

Problems with Bottled Water

If you think you can replace tap water with bottled water. Or if you think bottled water is a healthy option? You’re mistaken. Although a bottle of water has some minerals in it, there are no proven health benefits of these minerals. 

So a water bottle is not the solution for healthy water. It can also imbalance your body’s PH. According to some studies, some water bottles don’t even have clean water, which makes them just like tap water. 

The plastic used in water bottles contains BPA ( banned in china and European countries) that can cause multiple health issues, including cancer and heart disease. 

So if you want a healthy life, you must stop drinking water from plastic water. Also, plastic bottle is very harmful to the environment. 

Problems with RO Water

As per WHO consuming RO water even for a few months can cause serious effects. Companies promote RO as a water purifier. And that is why most households consider it has a personal purifier. And there is the myth that RO water is healthy and putrefy. 

Here, the fact is RO purify water and removes all the impurities. But it also purifies the beneficial element from the water. According to reports, 90% to 99% of minerals are purified by RO, including calcium and magnesium.

Without these healthy minerals, water can be useless for your body. Also, the harmful chemicals in water ( pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine) are way smaller than in water, and they easily filter from RO. So, considering RO water as healthy water is wrong. 

Instead, ionizer technology has some solutions for you. You will get 100% pure and healthy water with minerals using a Dr ionizer. 

What is a Water Ionizer?

A water ionizer is a home application made by some popular companies claiming to increase water’s PH level. It works by using electrolysis and separating the water into acidic and alkaline components. 

The part of the alkaline component considers alkaline water. And this alkaline water is the purest on the earth. According to health experts consuming alkaline water has many health benefits. 

According to some studies, water ionizers prevent many harmful diseases and ageing signs. It can give more energy to your body.

The alkaline water produced by the ionizer contains molecular hydrogen at the cathode and acidic water at the anode. 

Advantages with Dr. Ionizer ionized water

When we pure out water from the dr ionizer, it comes out with hydrogen bubbles. These hydrogen bubbles are the antioxidant property of alkaline water. And the benefits of these hydrogen bubbles last for only 18 to 24 hours, so it is necessary to consume fresh dr ionizer water.

Here are some advantages of dr ionizer’s water

  • It contains many minerals like calcium, silica, magnesium, and Potassium. 
  • It can help to fight against cancer
  • It can also solve problems like digestion. 
  • It boosts immunity. 
  • It has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.